Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute
Monday, January 20, 2020
Promoting Cultural Understanding through Education & Communication

President's Curriculum Vitae


Elahe Omidyar Mir-Djalali, Ph.D.





Ph.D. Linguistics, with Distinction. Sorbonne, University of Paris VII, Faculty of

                    Science, Paris, France, 1974. Dissertation: 'Recherche sur la

                    structure transformationnelle du verbe en Persan -- Le verbe simple.'


M.S. Linguistics (ESL, TOEFL, French). Georgetown University, School of

                    Languages and Linguistics, Washington, DC, 1969. Masters thesis:

                    'Recherche sur les phonemes Segmentaux du Francais Commun.'


M.A. Political Science, Analytical Translation Techniques. Sorbonne, Ecole

                    Superieure d'Interpretes et de Traducteurs, Paris, France, 1967.


B. A. Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes, Paris, France, 1963.





President and Founder, Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute, Washington, DC.



Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, CA. 1992-2000.


Project Director/Principal Investigator, U.S. Department of Education grant



Executive Director/Research Administrator/Linguistic Consultant, Institute

of Comparative Social & Cultural Studies, Washington, DC






American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

American Association of Teachers of Persian (AATP)

Society of Federal Linguists (SFL)

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR)





'Learning Persian Language & Culture.' Proficiency-based teaching  material. 

International Research and Studies Program, U. S. Department of  Education. 



"Image of the Enemy: Critical Parameters, Cultural  Variations."  In R. W. Rieber (ed),

The Image of the Enemy: The Psycho-Social Implications of the Military Threat.

New York, NY: Plenum Press. 1991. Szalay, L. B. and E. Mir- Djalali.


"Research on Identification & Evaluation of Change through Treatment and Education." 

Presentation at the conference on "The Evaluation of Substance Abuse  Prevention 

Programs," organized by the Department of Education,  Indianapolis, Indiana. 

April 1988.


"The Psycho-Cultural Factors in the Iranian Debacle." Presentation at the Fourth General 

Assembly of the World Future Society, Washington, DC. July 1982.


"The Iranian Self Image: Empirical  Findings."  In Journal of the International Society of

Political Psychology Vol. 3, No. 1/2.  Sp/Su 1981-1982. Szalay, L. B., H. Moftakhar,

and E. Mir- Djalali.


'The Failure of Language to Communicate: A U.S.-Iranian Comparative Study.'   In

International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Vol. 4, pp. 307-328. Elmsford, NY:

Pergamon Press. 1980.


'Communication Difficulties Where Languages Fail.' Presentation to the  International

Annual Convention of the Society for Intercultural Education  Training  and Research

(SIETAR) in Mexico City. March 1979.


Iranian and American Perceptions  and Cultural Frames of Reference: A Communication

Lexicon  for Cultural Understanding. Washington, DC:  Institute of Comparative Social

and Cultural Studies, Inc. 1979. Szalay, L. B., E. Mir-Djalali, J. B. Strohl, and H. Moftakhar.


"Cultural Area Preparation Through Language." Presentation at Georgetown University,

Washington, DC. 1978.


"Teheran Building and Construction Code." Research and translation. 1976.


"The Catalog of the College of Physical Education of Teheran.' Translation. 1976.


'Recherche sur la structure transformationnelle du verbe en Persan -- Le verbe simple.'  

Doctoral dissertation, Sorbonne, University of Paris VII,  France. 1974.  Ann Arbor,

Michigan: U M I. 1994.


'Recherche sur les phonemes Segmentaux du Francais Commun.' Masters  Thesis,

Georgetown University, Washington, DC 1969.