To best utilize the resources of Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute (RCHI), its activities are focused on the area of cultural preservation, intercultural communication, and the implementation of cultural and educational activities.

As a cultural organization, RCHI does not provide assistance in the area of health and medical care.

As a cultural organization, RCHI will not participate in political or social justice causes including those related to minorities, refugees, and the under-privileged.

When partnering with other nonprofit organizations and private institutions, the relationship should include the sharing of organizational charts, articles of association, and financial statements.

RCHI shall engage in proactive philanthropy (in which the donor takes a more responsible and involved role than that of merely providing funds to support programs and projects).

While RCHI does not intend to interfere with the internal policies of its partners, proactive philanthropy requires that accountability measures and success parameters be set at the outset of any project proposed to the Institute by prospective grantees, who must adhere to them.

The time frame for continuous relations with other organizations, such as schools and universities, is in conjunction with the duration of each project. In such cases where a combined Endowment and Current Use Funds are provided, since the former is intended to be used in perpetuity, the same duration would apply for accountability.

A formal agreement shall be drawn between Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute and any partners to clearly specify plans, objectives, and policies prior to funding.

All applicants must agree to seek written approval from RCHI prior to using the name of Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute and/or its founders, directors, officers, and administrators in any public announcements or published material.